Building Regulations Drawings

Once you have received planning permission (if necessary) from your local authority, it’s time to begin preparing detail construction drawings and specifications, which is fundamentally what building regulations packages consist of. Depending on the scale of the project, these drawings can provide enough information to build your intended project. We will produce a full set of building regulation drawings which normally include proposed plans, elevations, cross sections, construction details, full specification detailing construction methods, workmanship and quality of materials.

With these set of drawings you will be able to:

  • Make a building regulations application
  • Get accurate quotes from builders
  • Get accurate quantities from material suppliers

As with the planning application submission, we would normally submit the building regulations application for you as part of our service. We would discuss any changes/amendments (if any) with building control department and follow the submission through to receiving the approval notice.

In summary, building regulations exist to protect you and the end user of the building. NADA Architects will complete this process and keep you informed of all progress so you can relax!

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