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There are a number of other considerations to be made by homeowners, landlords and investors when extending a house. These could include works such as removal of structural walls or re-arranging the internal layout of a property. In many cases, you would not require planning consent unless you are in a Conservation area or working on a Listed Building. However, you would require Building Regulations approval if you are considering structural alterations such as removing supporting walls or chimney stacks.

Also, replacement of external finishes such as rendering, timber cladding or plastering may not require planning consent but you are likely to require Building Regulations approval. The regulations say if you were improving more than 25% of a main wall of your property, you would be required to upgrade the insulation of this entire wall thermally to current regulations. 

NADA Architects offer a 3D visualisation service where this has proven to assist many clients with understanding the design of their house alterations and visualising the remodelling of the external fabric of the building. This service will make all the difference in ensuring you are making the correct decision before the main investment takes place. There is not easier form of representation than in three dimensions for you to understand the details of your house alterations and remodelling.

Please note: This does not apply to Listed Buildings or properties in a Conservation area. You would require the necessary consents from your local authority for such works.

NADA Architects would advise on these considerations and more during the client consultation at your property. We always aim to maximise the potential of your investment and we would advise in favour of our clients wherever possible.

To discuss your house alterations or remodelling project in more detail, please feel free to contact us via the enquiry form or give us a call.

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